Thornton Mack is a Sydney-based management consulting firm providing expert change-management services to the private sector, government and not-for-profit organisations. We provide a wealth of experience for those faced by an unfamiliar or sensitive workplace management challenge. We formulate and implement change management projects, deal with difficult personnel issues and restructuring operations in a wide range of contexts. We support leaders to step into unfamiliar territory and extend their skills with the assurance that they have a confidante with the understanding and know-how to back them up.

We are focused on business performance improvement, ensuring that your business strategy and planning is able to be executed effectively by your staff. We act as executive coach to every client, paying close attention to leadership development and team building, working alongside you to resolve personnel issues and enhance employee commitment to meeting your business goals. This approach has given Thornton Mack’s clients the leverage to sustain momentum and meet deadlines by addressing organisational capability – everyone involved in meeting the objectives is clear about the outcomes required, their role, and how they will work together to maximise results.

Jacqui Wilkins started Thornton Mack in 2009 after ten years in consulting, including five years running a change management consulting practice. She has experience as a line manager, educator and executive, and has been on management committees and boards for over 20 years. The outcomes which Jacqui has been able to drive, in leadership positions or in support of her clients, are testament to her capability and the foundation of Thornton Mack’s excellent reputation as management consultants.

A distinct advantage of working with Thornton Mack is that you always work with the lead consultant. Jacqui takes care of every client – either on a sole-consultant basis, as team leader or in the quality assurance role. Our operating model dictates that we use only proven, experienced and qualified professionals who are able to deliver genuine, high quality advice and expertise. The uniqueness of each assignment and the qualities of each consultant are carefully considered before commencement to ensure that your organisation’s needs, capabilities and work style are supported.

Our focus is the development of you, your business and its people so that our proficiency and breadth of experience always works in your favour. We give much more than recommendations; we make sure that proposals will work at a practical level in your context and we leave you and your team with the path for improvement clearly mapped out. We plan the new insights, mindsets, skills and capabilities with your staff during the progress of the job. As a result, we deliver a sustainable solution after every assignment; one that does not come as a surprise to you or your teams.

Along with knowledge, skill and experience we bring respectful objectivity to every assignment. We understand that you know your business better than we do. Our role is to bring a fresh perspective to your business issues and work with you to find an appropriate and sustainable path to the outcomes you are seeking.

We understand that time-poor leaders may need support to get important work done that would otherwise need more hands-on focus than they can afford. We work beside you to assess your situation and design and implement an agreed approach, keeping you in the front line as the owner of the project. We are the safe hands to coordinate your in-house resources, monitor and report progress, problem solve and make sure you are personally involved where it counts.