Thornton Mack’s work-with-ability is reinforced by the approach we take to every assignment:

Before we start

We seek to understand
The challenge you face, your concerns, what help you are looking for clarify the brief
in initial conversation with you and/or a meeting with you and your key people, we work through possibilities and options for dealing with the matter at hand … and decide whether we are right for each other.

Once we understand what’s needed, we can make certain to have the right consultants and skills in our team to support you. You can decide whether you’d like a proposal from us.

We propose
What might broadly be done, in what order and in collaboration with ‘who’ in your business, along with the timeframe, resources and cost … and ask if you agree

We settle terms and conditions and make a start.

When we commence

We plan the work
The initial project plan is settled up front, so that everyone involved knows where we should be, by when, and who is accountable. Depending on the nature of the assignment, the plan may simply be a set of steps listed on an email. For more complex assignments, a suitable plan will be developed in consultation with you and be moved through your necessary internal approvals. Whatever the requirement, we will start work on the basics as soon as you give the go-ahead.

Do the work and coach your team
As we do the work of the assignment, we bring a coaching mindset to the job. This means that at every step of the way we are encouraging you and your managers to be open to information, ideas and approaches; to be clear and forthright about your opinions; and, to bring a level of inquisitiveness to the project and the progress we are making. The more you and your team understand about and engage in the process and work of the assignment, the better the on-job learning along the way, the better the buy-in, the better the traction, the better the limits of flexibility are understood and the more sustainable the results.

Draft and check deliverables along the way
Deliverables, or components of larger deliverables, are checked with you while work is in progress to make certain that there are ‘no surprises’ in the results and that any new information, conditions or insights can be considered in the final deliverables. Sharing work in progress also means that you can be thinking about stakeholder reactions and implementation issues along the way, and engaging within the business where necessary to make sure that you will have as clear a path as possible to get on with the changes.

When we are at the end of the assignment

We supply the final deliverables
The final deliverables should be a fait accompli. You have been involved throughout and know exactly what you are getting.

… and close-out the assignment
This is as important to us as the way we start our engagement with you. Though we have checked along the way, our final client experience and quality assurance check gives you the opportunity to give us final and clear feedback, and ensures that we understand what we could do differently or better from your perspective.

We value you our client, and our list of repeat clients is testimony to that esteem being returned.