Stakeholder Centered Coaching

In addition to many years of coaching practice, Thornton Mack’s Lead Consultant, Jacqui Wilkins, has been accredited in Stakeholder Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith. This very practical and commitment-driven approach to coaching has been proven to accelerate leadership success. The coaching process focuses on the coach and their relationship with their stakeholders as the long-term driver for change and growth, an approach which applies to any leader at any time in their career. During the coaching relationship, and after it concludes, the person being coached learns a suite of techniques to transfer that learning to others, with the benefits of the programme flowing through the coachee to their direct reports and beyond. This is strongest when the 1 year coaching program is undertaken – a strong leadership change focus is developed between the coach and the leader that is primed for success and guarantees measurable improvement, as assessed by stakeholders.

Performance & Management Services

If you are a NSW Government organisation, Thornton Mack may be contracted through the Performance & Management Services Scheme.

We are prequalified for provision of services in relation to the specified categories of;

The scheme complements existing procurement guidelines by providing for direct engagement of consultants, and when the estimated cost of the engagement is less than $150,000, only one written quotation from a prequalified provider is needed.

Your procurement support team can assist you or you may choose NSW Government’s eQuote, the online system providing access to supplier lists, allowing creation and issue of requests for quotes/proposals and the award of contracts online.