A range of incidents in a division had created serious concern in the CEO’s mind about the business culture. We were engaged to examine the management and business culture and provide a report.


After an initial verbal briefing from the division head, information on the business vision and values, objectives, structure and relevant incident reports was gathered and reviewed as context. Structured interviews were then conducted with key executives, senior managers and a selection of staff – over 40 in all – in association with which most also completed a short survey aimed at identifying the aspects of culture within and across business units in the division.

End result

A report, identifying cultural attributes and differences across the division, was provided to the Director prior to a face-to-face debrief. The report identified six key cultural attributes which had contributed to the problems being experienced and provided over a dozen actionable recommendations – all of which could be taken by the Director in consultation with peers and without the need for further consulting assistance.