Changes in roles and accountabilities following a re-structure were posing challenges to new managers and their teams. The executive could see opportunities to improve working relationships and team performance, and wanted a framework to stimulate improvement over time.


After an orientation meeting to explain the approach to directors, an information session on BELBIN® team roles was held for directors and managers by video-conference. Individuals then completed their Self-Perception Inventory on-line and 1:1 feedback was provided to each person by phone. Observers for each participant were agreed and after those had been completed, further individual and team reports were produced. An initial feedback session with directors was followed up with a one day off-site for the branch leaders where all participants received and reviewed that reports, and completed activities on their personal results and their team results.

End result

Action plans for team development, drafted on the day of the workshop, were finalised by directors and used to further team development. Debriefs and complimentary follow up support were provided by the consultant.