The boss of a high performing executive felt that some aspects of her employee’s operating style would benefit from the assistance of a coach. While the coachee was seen as a true talent, and a high performing member of the executive team, the boss was keen to support her coachee’s career progress.


After establishing that the coach and coachee were compatible and setting the ground rules for the coaching relationship, a series of meetings was planned to identify areas of immediate focus and longer term goals for change. Feedback from a range of stakeholders was elicited by the coach and used to inform the coaching plan. Review meetings with the boss and follow up between the coachee and stakeholders continued throughout the agreed timeframe.

End result

The value derived from an initial 4 month period of coaching triggered an extension of support. In all, the assignment lasted 8 months and left the coachee with the satisfaction of measurable achievement, highly positive feedback from the boss and the skills to stay on-track in the future.