The new executive director of an asset management division needed a system to coordinate the work of four branches with complementary and yet potentially overlapping remits, following a realignment of the organisation. A common approach to planning, scheduling, resourcing and monitoring work to achieve focus and drive results was needed, and managers would be required to move from their current practice to a new, common way of operating.


Following analysis of current plans, and the management and reporting needs of the new division, business requirements were signed off by the director. Thornton Mack’s Work Planning tool was then customised and presented to the management team along with a systematic approach to planning, reporting and performance management. Workshops and individual review and coaching sessions were conducted to fine-tune the deliverables and aid the managers in adjusting their work practices, and those of their staff.

End result

The new business support system was adopted by managers and used by the executive director to carry on coaching the managers and drive performance of the branches.