The Board of a regional business was concerned about the quality of customer experience. They asked the General Manager to implement a business model to deliver integrated, on-ground services to local customers and engaged us to undertake an organisation review. Thornton Mack supported the leadership team to develop a new operating model and structure, and was asked to return the following year to assist with implementation.


Thornton Mack worked closely with the GM and his direct reports, providing a method for the review and providing leadership coaching throughout the process. Genuine consultation and a reliance on facts and data were key to success. A group of internal stakeholders within the business were brought together to discuss the Boards’ goals and the approach. Along with the Board, this group gave business insights, were engaged as friendly critics and eventually as advocates for the final operating model design. Along the way, we developed a description of the attributes of the future business, in terms of strategy, customer focus, collaboration, budget and competency. This became a common vision – an agreement about what ‘good’ would look like – and the basis of a measurement system which was used to evaluate operating model options and progress to achieving the future business state.


The new operating model was championed by internal stakeholders, approved by the Board and progressed to implementation. The business transformed from functional reporting to remote specialists, to place-based reporting with local leadership. Measurable improvements were immediately visible – better access to services for customers, streamlined reporting, additional career paths for staff and a more accountable and agile business.