Following the administrative creation of a new entity from two former government agencies, new organisational arrangements had been recommended to the Executive Director by an independent consultant. An implementation plan was now needed and no resources were available to undertake the project.


Executive sponsorship and a steering committee, project budget and a project management office, project communications (e.g. intranet site, newsletters), progress reporting and stakeholder management were put in place at the outset – including a consultation process with staff and unions. Following drafting of a functional organisation structure and incorporation of feedback from stakeholders, a suite of position descriptions were developed and workshops conducted with staff to walk through the results. A number of key business processes, which were impacted by the organisation change, were identified in these reviews and revised to mitigate risk and reflect new arrangements. When the design and planning stages of the project were completed, the Executive Director reconfirmed the final and overall results in an all-staff meeting.

End result

When workshops were completed and feedback reviewed by the Steering Committee, a resourcing change management plan was finalised to guide employee placement and recruitment. In addition, a transition plan was provided to support the steering committee and project management office in implementation and the communication and consultation mechanisms established during the project became core tools to support change.