18 months after the merger of three organisations into a new business the Board was keen to better understand the current culture and subcultures, from an independent viewpoint, and receive practical recommendations to help address identified concerns.


One-third of the staff, representing a broad cross-section of the business, were interviewed to gather data about their experience and their views about what was driving business performance. Participants completed a behavioural inventory,which was used to better understand how leadership was perceived, and were asked to comment on both the role and performance of the Board from their perspective. Interview and inventory data was used to develop recommendations to the Board in relation to vision and strategy, structure, leadership, performance measurement, people practices, customer service, the role of the Board, and decision making & accountability.


All recommendations were approved by the Board and the resulting implementation plan is on their standing agenda. Staff were provided with the written recommendations and a series of two-way briefings signalled the start of a tangible commitment to focus on culture as a key driver of success.