A range of temporary roles and arrangements had been put in place to drive internal improvements in the areas of pricing, billing, program coordination and general business support. The executive team asked Thornton Mack to examine the arrangements and business requirements, and recommend a suitable structure for implementation. Budget was a key constraint, so any proposal for change had to clearly demonstrate value for money and the capability to deliver.


Services, functions and staff in scope for the review were identified in sessions with the head and group executives, and their views on potential arrangements were sought. Interviews with key staff, data gathering and document review informed further understanding of the business requirements andissues. Findings were checked and qualified in more focused consultation with the senior executive and the organisation performance team, where implications and options were openly debated.

End result

Thornton Mack recommended a structure for the four main functions which met budget and benefit expectations. The report clarified responsibilities, boundaries and hand-over points between functions, resolved capability gaps and provided implementation steps to enable the business to improve both efficiency and effectiveness over the near and medium term.