The leader of a strategic vendor management directorate was looking for assistance in dealing with the impact of staff turnover on their team’s capability and reputation within the business.


When the directorate was established, positions had been created to fit single functions. After reviewing the team’s remit, the consultant proposed that staff roles be realigned across functions in a client-centered model. This had the additional benefits of dealing with key person risk, enriching the relationship of the team with the business, creating job interest and fostering knowledge sharing.

End result

Once the new operating model was defined and agreed with the Director, jobs were redesigned and the knowledge and skill requirements defined. Existing staff were placed in the best-fit roles by agreement. A knowledge transfer and skills development program was designed and initiated, with the Director acting as lead mentor on technical skills development while the consultant worked with staff to enhance their relationship management and reporting ability. Along with an orientation kit and other tools, the Director was provided with a lasting program for ongoing growth of the team.