Funding certainty and cost management are the mainstay business concerns of not for-profit leadership following the financial crisis of late last decade, an event which has negatively – perhaps permanently – changed the ‘giving’ behaviour of generations. Though used to working in uncertainty, not-for-profit’s have experienced greater levels of pressure since this time and are living with the pincer effect of lower income, higher costs and tighter cash flows. At the same time, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission is leading a drive for increased accountability for organisations, with additional and sometimes seemingly conflicting governance requirements adding to management’s burden. These major impacts have been cause for important adjustments in thinking and action at both Board and senior management levels, and simultaneously have raised doubts about the capability of organisations to survive and thrive in the new economic landscape.

The work of Thornton Mack in assisting not-for-profit organisations enables leadership to maintain their focus on core business despite the changed context by providing experience, guidance, support and tools to tackle the business change and improvement challenges required in this new context.

Not-for-profit organisations have used our services to: